Episode 110 - OrkU gets the Joke


We have a joke for you. Do you want to hear it? Noob-Noob. That’s the joke. Get it? Our Reviews Will Kill You get down to it right away this week with an episode that is filled jokes. The news is very Joker as the boys stay on topic with stories that all connect to the movie, then move into reviews, where a quick detour into the premier of Batwoman is only a brief inside joke before delving back into the latest iteration of Batman’s greatest villain, The Joker. This week on OrkU, Z splits his sides, Scott jiggles like jello, and Noob-Noob-Noob-Noob can’t breath, but that’s not because of the laughing.

Episode 109 - Disenchanted with J-Lo


Before we begin, I need to clarify that no security guards were harmed in the making of this podcast. Although one may have had his feelings hurt. They boys were proactive this week and allowed a special tied-up guest star to join them on this episode. She may not have been as happy to be there. Don’t let that take away from the news. We have Russian Walruses, Tekashi 6is9ine (is that really how it is spelled?), Spiderman returns, Bella Thorne porn, and is it OK to be OK? After all that, the boys review Disenchantment, Suits, Knife or Death, Nikki Glaser’s Bangin, and more before talking to their reluctant guest. There is so much in this episode that words can’t even begin to describe how much is in this episode! This week on OrkU, Z rescues some dragons, Scott talks about banging, and Noob-Noob gets violated. Again. This is turning into a thing…..

Episode 108 - Dating Between 2 Titans


Guess the boys of OrkU have caught the advertising bug. They start this one out with a commercial that will seduce and terrify you as it tempts a perspective sponsor. After this read filled with herbs and spices, they head into the news, which this week includes KFC, Vanta-black, Hustlers, and Downtown Abbey. Then the boys tempt you more with reviews of DC’s Titans, Gears of War 5, Red Dead Redemption add-ons, and Netflix’s Between Two Ferns movie. This week on OrkU, Z cooks the Colonel, Scott may have forgotten something important, and Noob-Noob gets hustled.

Episode 107 - IT gets roasted Area 51 no show


So much content here. So much news to cover as the Area 51 raid is a bust, Ryan Reynolds claims that he is spiderman, kids are arrested for swatting, a Pokemon trainer finally accomplishes something, and Channing Tatums bean bags get immortalized. After the boys get done with the news, they move to reviews as they cover It, Chapter 2. But before that, they cover some Netflix specials. Comedy from Bill Burr, Colin Quinn, and Ma, whatever that is. Just for fun Scott gives a surprise roast of a roast on Comedy Central. This week on OrkU Z gets annoyed, Scott channels his inner Nee, and Noob-Noob places a bid on some art.

Episode 106 - Dark Cristal at the Carnivale


We are gonna get weird for a minute. They boys have all kinds of weird news this week as they talk about a Sith Army Knife, Fred Durst helping John Travolta end his film career, Justice League making DP’s cry, and Waze adding some new voices to guide you home. Then to continue the weird pattern, they review puppets and fairies in Dark Crystal and Carnival Row while throwing American Factory in for good measure. This week on OrkU, Z eats some biscuits, Scott matches his outfit, and Noob-Noob explores his foot fetish.

Episode 105 - Sticks and Spells


This week is filled with things that are going to make you angry. Pete Davidson made people angry, the TSA made people angry, Harry Potter made a school angry, Jeremy Renner is angry about his app, and Tomb Raider will make you angry again. The boys get angry, then cool down for a laugh as they review Young Justice, Ready or Not, the new TOOL album, and Dave Chappelle’s standup on Netflix. This week on OrkU, Z feels angry, Scott feels angry, and Noob-Noob doesn’t feel anything.

Episode 104 - Hush Puppers Hunters

ep 104.jpg

Whelp, this one gets out of hand quickly, but in a good way. The laughs come fast in this episode with the news and keeps going with reviews of Mind Hunter, the Invader Zim movie, Batman Hush, The Amazing Jonathan Documentary, and finally Netflix’s original anime, Cannon Busters. This is one episode you will have to listen to twice because you will likely laugh over what comes next. This week on OrkU, the guys loose control as chaos takes over the studio.

Congo Watchalong Special

Congo wa.jpg

Is Congo a true cult classic? Scott said it was. Apparently that was all that was needed to inspire this watch along! Available on Amazon Prime (and purchase), Congo stars Laura Linney and Dylan Walsh along with Tim Curry and one of his craziest accents. Oh, don’t forget the martini drinking gorilla! But there is still one big mystery. Where are the monkeys with laser beams? Turn on the TV and let the boys of OrkU join you as we all watch Congo, because let’s be honest, you don’t have any friends that want to watch this with you.

Episode 103 - Spider Wars and The Good Boys

ep 103.jpg

Holy web-slingers! What is happening in the Marvelverse? Sony and Marvel are now at war! Meanwhile, DC is chilling over on the other side of the bar still trying to make some waves, but they still haven’t figured it out. The boys of OrkU are here to try to make sense of all the chaos that recent days have bought, but sometimes, you still can’t make your way through the swamp. This week on OrkU, Z Slings the web, Scott gets swampy, and Noob-Noob did not graduate Elementary.

Episode 102 - Hangin with The Boys

ep 102.jpg

Another week, another content packed episode. Plenty of news this week as the boys talk about Miley Cyrus and her love life, Deadpool’s Build-a-Bear takeover, broken swimming pools and Brazilian jail breaks. Then the reviews are just as busy as the buys discuss Madden 20, The 100, iZombie, and Amazon’s, The Boys. There is also more reviews of I Love You Now Die, but is that about a show, or about one of they boys love life? Listen to find out! This week on OrkU, Z proves free therapy, Scott may have fiddled with the pool controls, and Noob-Noob may need to seek professional help.