Congo Watchalong Special

Congo wa.jpg

Is Congo a true cult classic? Scott said it was. Apparently that was all that was needed to inspire this watch along! Available on Amazon Prime (and purchase), Congo stars Laura Linney and Dylan Walsh along with Tim Curry and one of his craziest accents. Oh, don’t forget the martini drinking gorilla! But there is still one big mystery. Where are the monkeys with laser beams? Turn on the TV and let the boys of OrkU join you as we all watch Congo, because let’s be honest, you don’t have any friends that want to watch this with you.

Episode 46 - Streaming Showdown


Here at OrkU, we are all about giving back. This week our focus is to help you save money! The boys at OrkU take some time out of their evening to look at all the available and upcoming streaming services so you can decide how to get all your entertainment while still keeping those bucks in your pocket! Don't say we never did anything for you! This week on OrkU, Z tries to cross the streams, but is fuzzy on the whole good or bad thing, Scott stays smooth like a polished river stone, and Noob-Noob continues to try to swim upstream.