Episode 110 - OrkU gets the Joke


We have a joke for you. Do you want to hear it? Noob-Noob. That’s the joke. Get it? Our Reviews Will Kill You get down to it right away this week with an episode that is filled jokes. The news is very Joker as the boys stay on topic with stories that all connect to the movie, then move into reviews, where a quick detour into the premier of Batwoman is only a brief inside joke before delving back into the latest iteration of Batman’s greatest villain, The Joker. This week on OrkU, Z splits his sides, Scott jiggles like jello, and Noob-Noob-Noob-Noob can’t breath, but that’s not because of the laughing.

Episode 104 - Hush Puppers Hunters

ep 104.jpg

Whelp, this one gets out of hand quickly, but in a good way. The laughs come fast in this episode with the news and keeps going with reviews of Mind Hunter, the Invader Zim movie, Batman Hush, The Amazing Jonathan Documentary, and finally Netflix’s original anime, Cannon Busters. This is one episode you will have to listen to twice because you will likely laugh over what comes next. This week on OrkU, the guys loose control as chaos takes over the studio.

Episode 10 - Justice League

In this heated episode of OrkU Reviews, we analyze Justice League. Things get testy when the guys realize that other people can have differing opinions. This week, Noob-Noob blows a gasket, Z checks for a hernia, and Scott eats a sheep.