Episode 110 - OrkU gets the Joke


We have a joke for you. Do you want to hear it? Noob-Noob. That’s the joke. Get it? Our Reviews Will Kill You get down to it right away this week with an episode that is filled jokes. The news is very Joker as the boys stay on topic with stories that all connect to the movie, then move into reviews, where a quick detour into the premier of Batwoman is only a brief inside joke before delving back into the latest iteration of Batman’s greatest villain, The Joker. This week on OrkU, Z splits his sides, Scott jiggles like jello, and Noob-Noob-Noob-Noob can’t breath, but that’s not because of the laughing.

Episode 60 - Dragons, Bojack, and Z


Another week without Noob-Noob? Must be an early X-mas! Wait, let’s get though at least one more holiday before we start talking about that. The terrible twosome talk about the new look for Batwoman, the trolls of Star Wars, the Horseman, another special from Joe Rogan, and some dragons. No, not the ones you are thinking. This week on OrkU, Z freaks out on the dark side, and Scott successfully does the job of two people.