Episode 84 - Captain Shazam or Shazbot


DC has launched yet another superhero, and this time it’s SHAZAM! The boys of OrkU take flight with this hero and decide if it’s worth a watch. The boys also take another look and review the DC Streaming service as well as Game of Thrones as that series comes to an end. On this episode of OrkU, Z shows the wisdom of Solomon, Scott shows the strength of Hercules, and Noob-Noob shows the foolishness of Koalemos.

Episode 82 - Us and Some Fruty Drinks


It’s time to quest! The quest to kill more time until we finally get to the End Game. For now the boys of OrkU address some rumors about the Marvel auctions and DC secret cuts. Then the boys take some time to review Us and The Inventor. Don’t worry, if you don’t know what they are, we explain and let you know if they are worth your time. This week on OrkU, Z goes next level, again, Scott plays a game, and Noob-Noob yells at us.

Episode 46 - Streaming Showdown


Here at OrkU, we are all about giving back. This week our focus is to help you save money! The boys at OrkU take some time out of their evening to look at all the available and upcoming streaming services so you can decide how to get all your entertainment while still keeping those bucks in your pocket! Don't say we never did anything for you! This week on OrkU, Z tries to cross the streams, but is fuzzy on the whole good or bad thing, Scott stays smooth like a polished river stone, and Noob-Noob continues to try to swim upstream.

Episode 17 - January News Review

On this bonus episode of Our Reviews Will Kill You, the boys take a crack at entertainment news and talk about what is going on around the industry. Will they agree with the mainstream media or will another realization come to light? On this episode, Z talks, Scott talks, and Noob-Noob talks.