Episode 106 - Dark Cristal at the Carnivale


We are gonna get weird for a minute. They boys have all kinds of weird news this week as they talk about a Sith Army Knife, Fred Durst helping John Travolta end his film career, Justice League making DP’s cry, and Waze adding some new voices to guide you home. Then to continue the weird pattern, they review puppets and fairies in Dark Crystal and Carnival Row while throwing American Factory in for good measure. This week on OrkU, Z eats some biscuits, Scott matches his outfit, and Noob-Noob explores his foot fetish.

Episode 93 - Swampy Phoenix


It’s finally over. This X-Men run has finally come to an end and the fiery conclusion to the story is Dark Phoenix. The boys of OrkU fly headfirst into this one snd decide if it was actually on fire, or just another series fizzling out. The boys stay in the DC Universe on this episode and talk about the new seires Swamp Thing from the streaming service and get into why Scott’s sweaty underwear might have a longer lifespan. This week on OrkU, Z feels the fire, Scott needs a shower, and Noob-Noob gets swampy.