Episode 100 - One Hundred Strangers Below


When it comes to the milestones that have changed the course of history, this will be one talked about for ages. OrkU turns 100! That’s right! 100 episodes and going stronger than ever!

Alright. It’s not that big a deal. This just means we still haven’t gotten tired of each other and Noob-Noob is somehow still around. I guess Scott hasn’t been trying very hard to make him disappear. Anyways, this episode is a good one. News about One Punch Man, Dave Bautista. James Gunn, Tom Hanks, and GTA. Then because we love you, an in depth look at Netflix’s Stranger things, right after some quick reviews of God Eater, Frankenstein’s Monster Monster something, and 3 Below. This episode has it all! This week on OrkU, the boys serenade you with their Never-ending Song!

Episode 33 - God of War


The boys are expanding their horizons and jumping into the world of video games! God of War was recently released on the PlayStation platform and two of the boys have been able to play for a while now, but at what cost? This is a non-spoiler review, because apparently video games are not their strong suits. This week on OrkU, Z works through the pain, Scott plays a new character, and Noob-Noob keeps referring to another game no one knows.