Episode 92 - King of the Munsters


Who is the biggest and baddest out there? Well, it’s OrkU! Did you really have any question? The boys of OrkU talk Doom, Perfection, and of course, Godzilla. There is a whole bunch of other stuff in this episode too, but I forget what they talked about. This week on OrkU, Z is perfect. Scott was never normal, and Noob-Noob is something else.

Episode 73 - Down Below Scott's Dungeon


It seems that Netflix is trying to make Godzilla great again, and the boys of OrkU take a minute to decide if this three part series is worth a watch. The boys also dive into a few other Netflix series including Watership Down, 3 Below, and a Seven Deadly Sins movie. Also some news about Bungee games, Logan Paul, and X-Wings. This week on OrkU, Z downs a ship, Scott tries out a new segment, and Noob-Noob still doesn’t know what his job is.

Episode 68 - Mowgli and the Legend of Sonic


The boys look to talk about Netflix’s take on a childhood favorite, Mowgli. However, a missing Noob-Noob forces Z and Scott to bring a guest into the studio to help out. Is anyone else seeing a pattern here? This episode is also chock full of news from Avengers to Star Wars and Nasa to Godzilla. Pretty exciting, huh? This week on OrkU, Z becomes king, Scott channels a true monster, and who is Kevin?

Episode 22 - Giant Monster Throwdown

In this monster episode of OrkU, the boys set up a battle between the big of the big when it comes to the monsters of today's cinema. Godzilla, King Kong and...Clovie? Who is the true King of Monsters? Find out this week! On this episode, Z is your ringside announcer, Scott is extra angry and gives up on a joke, and Noob-Noob supports an underdog.