Episode 101 - Fast and Furious

ep 101.jpg

How could anyone ever properly follow up something as big as the 100th episode? Well, how about by giving you the 101st episode! That’s right! OrkU follows up their 100th episode with their 101st episode! Who could have seen that coming? I know I didn't. Well, this very episode contains some news, including a big Fortnight winner, Dr. Who, Venom, and Movie Pass. Then a follow up with reviews of Hobbs and Shaw and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Everything you would expect from the episode that follows the last episode! This week on OrkU, Z tries to drive a straight thought, Scott finally shows some emotion, and Noob-Noob gets some road rage.

Episode 50 - The Meg


Would you look at this!?!? OrkU made it to 50! It is amazing that the boys could accomplish such a feat while dealing with box office flops, threats from notorious families, a Noob-Noob, and constant threat of being eaten by a giant shark! WAIT, did that last part happen? Or, was it the latest movie that the boys of OrkU chomp down on! So go for a dip, make yourself a Bloody Mary, and listen as OrkU gets catfished! This week on OrkU, Z is bedraggled, Scott drops an anchor, Noob-Noob talks under water, and the Meg orders out for Chinese food.