Episode 99 - An Alaskan Noob-Noob


I guess some of us are able to actually take vacations. I, obviously, don’t get such opportunities. Oh well, maybe I can vacation precariously through other people. Unfortunately, my only option right now is Noob-Noob. The boys of OrkU trip in some news first, The Rock’s movies in Japan, Justin Bieber being a Tool, Star Trek going R, and the invasion of Area 51. A Top Gun trailer just dropped, also a trailer about Cats. After that the boys get into reviews of Lion King. Finally, since we can review whatever we want, we decide to review a state! Welcome to our Alaska special! This week on OrkU, Z brings the bottle that Scott never asked for and Noob-Noob embraces his inner cub.

Episode 67 - Fantastic Opossums that Kill Us


The boys of OrkU take this week to talk about Lion King, Daredevil, and Murphy Brown. Wait, what year is this? Then after some time travel, they review Fantastic Beasts and what they think about a super secret look they got at a film called What Doesn’t Kill Us. This week on OrkU, Z plays opossum, Scott Will Kill You, and Noob-Noob goes back to his screaming nonsense.