Episode 103 - Spider Wars and The Good Boys

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Holy web-slingers! What is happening in the Marvelverse? Sony and Marvel are now at war! Meanwhile, DC is chilling over on the other side of the bar still trying to make some waves, but they still haven’t figured it out. The boys of OrkU are here to try to make sense of all the chaos that recent days have bought, but sometimes, you still can’t make your way through the swamp. This week on OrkU, Z Slings the web, Scott gets swampy, and Noob-Noob did not graduate Elementary.

Episode 94 - Sausage and Sidecars


How great is Keanu Reeves? I mean, really? How cool is that guy? Also, how much money is Marvel going to make? I mean, I know Avatar holds the record, but Avengers is quickly making a play for the top spot. The boys of OrkU discuss these topics and then dive into some reviews of Men In Black: International, Black Mirror, Murder Mystery and Always Be My Maybe. This week on OrkU, Z gets fancy, Scott brings back some old friends, and Noob-Noob steps a little further out of that closet door.

Episode 82 - Us and Some Fruty Drinks


It’s time to quest! The quest to kill more time until we finally get to the End Game. For now the boys of OrkU address some rumors about the Marvel auctions and DC secret cuts. Then the boys take some time to review Us and The Inventor. Don’t worry, if you don’t know what they are, we explain and let you know if they are worth your time. This week on OrkU, Z goes next level, again, Scott plays a game, and Noob-Noob yells at us.

Episode 46 - Streaming Showdown


Here at OrkU, we are all about giving back. This week our focus is to help you save money! The boys at OrkU take some time out of their evening to look at all the available and upcoming streaming services so you can decide how to get all your entertainment while still keeping those bucks in your pocket! Don't say we never did anything for you! This week on OrkU, Z tries to cross the streams, but is fuzzy on the whole good or bad thing, Scott stays smooth like a polished river stone, and Noob-Noob continues to try to swim upstream.

Episode 8 - Thor Unspoiled

On Our Reviews Will Kill You, we strike thunder with Thor: Ragnarok! We give our first impressions of the newest Thor movie, but don't worry, we aren't spoiling anything yet! This is our first safe for listen episode for those who have yet to see the movie! This week, Z gets serious, Scott gets happy, and Noob-Noob eats a banana

Episode 2 - Defenders

On Episode 2, the guys discuss the moments in Defenders that made you say "WTF". Scott gets angry, Z makes a point, and Noob-Noob admits his love for cherries.