Episode 107 - IT gets roasted Area 51 no show


So much content here. So much news to cover as the Area 51 raid is a bust, Ryan Reynolds claims that he is spiderman, kids are arrested for swatting, a Pokemon trainer finally accomplishes something, and Channing Tatums bean bags get immortalized. After the boys get done with the news, they move to reviews as they cover It, Chapter 2. But before that, they cover some Netflix specials. Comedy from Bill Burr, Colin Quinn, and Ma, whatever that is. Just for fun Scott gives a surprise roast of a roast on Comedy Central. This week on OrkU Z gets annoyed, Scott channels his inner Nee, and Noob-Noob places a bid on some art.

Episode 104 - Hush Puppers Hunters

ep 104.jpg

Whelp, this one gets out of hand quickly, but in a good way. The laughs come fast in this episode with the news and keeps going with reviews of Mind Hunter, the Invader Zim movie, Batman Hush, The Amazing Jonathan Documentary, and finally Netflix’s original anime, Cannon Busters. This is one episode you will have to listen to twice because you will likely laugh over what comes next. This week on OrkU, the guys loose control as chaos takes over the studio.

Episode 100 - One Hundred Strangers Below


When it comes to the milestones that have changed the course of history, this will be one talked about for ages. OrkU turns 100! That’s right! 100 episodes and going stronger than ever!

Alright. It’s not that big a deal. This just means we still haven’t gotten tired of each other and Noob-Noob is somehow still around. I guess Scott hasn’t been trying very hard to make him disappear. Anyways, this episode is a good one. News about One Punch Man, Dave Bautista. James Gunn, Tom Hanks, and GTA. Then because we love you, an in depth look at Netflix’s Stranger things, right after some quick reviews of God Eater, Frankenstein’s Monster Monster something, and 3 Below. This episode has it all! This week on OrkU, the boys serenade you with their Never-ending Song!

Episode 46 - Streaming Showdown


Here at OrkU, we are all about giving back. This week our focus is to help you save money! The boys at OrkU take some time out of their evening to look at all the available and upcoming streaming services so you can decide how to get all your entertainment while still keeping those bucks in your pocket! Don't say we never did anything for you! This week on OrkU, Z tries to cross the streams, but is fuzzy on the whole good or bad thing, Scott stays smooth like a polished river stone, and Noob-Noob continues to try to swim upstream.

Episode 18 - Bright

Netflix decided to take a crack at putting together a fully legit blockbuster movie with Bright, featuring big stars and a big story. Did they succeed, or should they take it back to the drawing board? This one hits very close to home for the boys at Ork U as they bring in an expert to talk about the impact this film has, and how it could affect life as we know it. This week on Ork U. Z tries to control the guest, Scott overthinks things, and Noob-Noob releases a fairy.

Episode 16 - Devilman Crybaby

Our Reviews Will Kill You returns after a holiday break! The boys go right into things with a review of Netflix's animated series Devilman Crybaby, and this time, the guys are joined by a special guest with an insider view of this series. On this episode, Z holds a seance, Scott goes away, and Noob-Noob discovers his love for Duran-Duran

Episode 5 - Ozark

This week on OrkU Reviews, we cover Ozark. Groundbreaking Netflix series, or will they just greenlight anything? Z explains second level, Scott sees birds, and Noob-Noob learns anatomy.

Episode 2 - Defenders

On Episode 2, the guys discuss the moments in Defenders that made you say "WTF". Scott gets angry, Z makes a point, and Noob-Noob admits his love for cherries.