Episode 103 - Spider Wars and The Good Boys

ep 103.jpg

Holy web-slingers! What is happening in the Marvelverse? Sony and Marvel are now at war! Meanwhile, DC is chilling over on the other side of the bar still trying to make some waves, but they still haven’t figured it out. The boys of OrkU are here to try to make sense of all the chaos that recent days have bought, but sometimes, you still can’t make your way through the swamp. This week on OrkU, Z Slings the web, Scott gets swampy, and Noob-Noob did not graduate Elementary.

Episode 93 - Swampy Phoenix


It’s finally over. This X-Men run has finally come to an end and the fiery conclusion to the story is Dark Phoenix. The boys of OrkU fly headfirst into this one snd decide if it was actually on fire, or just another series fizzling out. The boys stay in the DC Universe on this episode and talk about the new seires Swamp Thing from the streaming service and get into why Scott’s sweaty underwear might have a longer lifespan. This week on OrkU, Z feels the fire, Scott needs a shower, and Noob-Noob gets swampy.