Episode 108 - Dating Between 2 Titans


Guess the boys of OrkU have caught the advertising bug. They start this one out with a commercial that will seduce and terrify you as it tempts a perspective sponsor. After this read filled with herbs and spices, they head into the news, which this week includes KFC, Vanta-black, Hustlers, and Downtown Abbey. Then the boys tempt you more with reviews of DC’s Titans, Gears of War 5, Red Dead Redemption add-ons, and Netflix’s Between Two Ferns movie. This week on OrkU, Z cooks the Colonel, Scott may have forgotten something important, and Noob-Noob gets hustled.

Episode 33 - God of War


The boys are expanding their horizons and jumping into the world of video games! God of War was recently released on the PlayStation platform and two of the boys have been able to play for a while now, but at what cost? This is a non-spoiler review, because apparently video games are not their strong suits. This week on OrkU, Z works through the pain, Scott plays a new character, and Noob-Noob keeps referring to another game no one knows.

Episode 32 - Avengers: Infinity War


It has been 10 years to get here and it has been worth the wait! Avengers: Infinity War has finally hit theaters, and the boys of OrkU are excited. Dig in for a deep conversation about this movie and the impact it has on the entire world! On this episode of OrkU, Z gets philosophical, Scott entertains the fans, and Noob-Noob has a snappy comeback.