Episode 106 - Dark Cristal at the Carnivale


We are gonna get weird for a minute. They boys have all kinds of weird news this week as they talk about a Sith Army Knife, Fred Durst helping John Travolta end his film career, Justice League making DP’s cry, and Waze adding some new voices to guide you home. Then to continue the weird pattern, they review puppets and fairies in Dark Crystal and Carnival Row while throwing American Factory in for good measure. This week on OrkU, Z eats some biscuits, Scott matches his outfit, and Noob-Noob explores his foot fetish.

Episode 31 - Avengers Pre-Party


The time is upon us! Avengers Infinity War is about to hit the theaters and everyone is excited! We are warming up along with everyone else and take the chance to talk theories and story leading up to this moment. Will our theories hold true, or will we be just as shocked as the rest of the world this week? This week on Ork U, Z makes predictions, Scott makes predictions, and Noob-Noob tries to make predictions, but we already know they are wrong.