Episode 102 - Hangin with The Boys

ep 102.jpg

Another week, another content packed episode. Plenty of news this week as the boys talk about Miley Cyrus and her love life, Deadpool’s Build-a-Bear takeover, broken swimming pools and Brazilian jail breaks. Then the reviews are just as busy as the buys discuss Madden 20, The 100, iZombie, and Amazon’s, The Boys. There is also more reviews of I Love You Now Die, but is that about a show, or about one of they boys love life? Listen to find out! This week on OrkU, Z proves free therapy, Scott may have fiddled with the pool controls, and Noob-Noob may need to seek professional help.

Episode 101 - Fast and Furious

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How could anyone ever properly follow up something as big as the 100th episode? Well, how about by giving you the 101st episode! That’s right! OrkU follows up their 100th episode with their 101st episode! Who could have seen that coming? I know I didn't. Well, this very episode contains some news, including a big Fortnight winner, Dr. Who, Venom, and Movie Pass. Then a follow up with reviews of Hobbs and Shaw and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Everything you would expect from the episode that follows the last episode! This week on OrkU, Z tries to drive a straight thought, Scott finally shows some emotion, and Noob-Noob gets some road rage.