Episode 75 - OrkU goes to Fyre Fest


OrkU disavows any knowledge or connections with events that led up to and occurred during Fyre Fest. Netflix and Hulu, at the same time, release documentaries to tell the story and place the blame for the disaster that Billy McFarland orchestrated, which displaced hundreds of entitled millennials, thus making it the worst thing to happen to lazy, entitled kids since dad took away the car keys. For the rest of the masses, OrkU takes time this episode to talk some tips to help you save money with your cable company, and which stock looks hot right now. What is happening here? Don’t worry, we bring the quality down again when we talk about Artie Lang and the trouble he has found himself in again. This week on OrkU, Z says buy, Scott says save, and Noob-Noob says akhiohg;jkasdihfohahg.