Episode 96 - News for Kids


Why is it that every time a studio tries something new, the internet looses their minds? Lots of news this week for the boys to cover as they talk about, including Star Wars’ attempt to bring in more kids, Kim Kardashians attack on the nation of Japan, the ending of a great anime, and Disney deciding to change The Little Mermaids look. After that the boys go back to reviewing as they discuss Attack on Titan, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This week on OrkU, Z donates time to the sick, Scott donates money to the sick, and Noob-Noob is sick.

Episode 77 - Goosebumps from Kingdom Killer


What is Kingdom Hearts? Seriously, what in the world is Kingdom Hears 3? Well, after running through some news about Batman and Resident Evil, the boys do some quick reviews of Hunter Killer, now on Amazon Prime, and Goosebumps 2. After that, they attempt to explain exactly what Kingdom Hearts 3 is. There is also super secret news that Noob-Noob is excited about. This week on OrkU, Z introduces the most amazing review ever, again, Scott brings the fanfare, again, and Noob-Noob gets punished……..again.