Episode 83 - Getting Dirty with the Noob


ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!?!? OrkU is ready to rock your socks off! And by rock, we mean bring you the greatest entertainment news and reviews that we can bring you about things like Umbrella Academy, and Mark Hamill, as well as cool news/review crossovers with the great rock hits, the DC Universe and Netflix’s “Love Death and Robots”. After that we move to a full review of another Netflix rockumentary, The Dirt. This week on OrkU, Z blows his vocal cords, Scott needs the guys to stay out of his business when it comes to sounders, and Noob-Noob learns about himself through what he watches.

Episode 78 - Noob-Noob tries to do something.


This week, something new happened. Noob-Noob tries to do something. Z and Scott are not sure what it is that he is trying to do, but he does something, I guess. The boys The boys take a minute to discuss Will Smith’s new Genie, some news from the DC TV universe, and new happenings in the Marvel world. After that they review Netflix’s Dragon Prince season 2 and Abducted in Plain sight, then they shift gears and touch on Happy Death Day 2 and Lego Movie 2. This week on OrkU, Z want’s to be your sledgehammer, Scott mentions his hammer, and Noob-Noob tries to show off his hole punch.