Episode 101 - Fast and Furious

ep 101.jpg

How could anyone ever properly follow up something as big as the 100th episode? Well, how about by giving you the 101st episode! That’s right! OrkU follows up their 100th episode with their 101st episode! Who could have seen that coming? I know I didn't. Well, this very episode contains some news, including a big Fortnight winner, Dr. Who, Venom, and Movie Pass. Then a follow up with reviews of Hobbs and Shaw and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Everything you would expect from the episode that follows the last episode! This week on OrkU, Z tries to drive a straight thought, Scott finally shows some emotion, and Noob-Noob gets some road rage.

Episode 94 - Sausage and Sidecars


How great is Keanu Reeves? I mean, really? How cool is that guy? Also, how much money is Marvel going to make? I mean, I know Avatar holds the record, but Avengers is quickly making a play for the top spot. The boys of OrkU discuss these topics and then dive into some reviews of Men In Black: International, Black Mirror, Murder Mystery and Always Be My Maybe. This week on OrkU, Z gets fancy, Scott brings back some old friends, and Noob-Noob steps a little further out of that closet door.

Episode 81 - Lightsabering the Flat Earth


Time to get woke! Here at OrkU, we strive to shine a light on all the lies that the machine feeds to our listeners. This includes lies that you hear about Ariana Grande’s new Starbucks flavor, Jedi robes, and what Brie Larson does with lightsabers. After shining a light, the boys take time to review Alita: Battle Angel, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, as well as few movies without semi-colons, Triple Frontier and Behind the Curve, both on Netflix. On this episode of OrkU, Z stays strong in the lies of the overlords, Scott sheds light in hopes of opening your eyes, and Noob-Noob remains as useless as he usually is.

Episode 78 - Noob-Noob tries to do something.


This week, something new happened. Noob-Noob tries to do something. Z and Scott are not sure what it is that he is trying to do, but he does something, I guess. The boys The boys take a minute to discuss Will Smith’s new Genie, some news from the DC TV universe, and new happenings in the Marvel world. After that they review Netflix’s Dragon Prince season 2 and Abducted in Plain sight, then they shift gears and touch on Happy Death Day 2 and Lego Movie 2. This week on OrkU, Z want’s to be your sledgehammer, Scott mentions his hammer, and Noob-Noob tries to show off his hole punch.