Episode 95 - Accidental Toy Boners


For the last time Noob-Noob! Pick up your toys! You will not be allowed to play until then! But once you do, you can play with the other boys of OrkU and talk about John Cena’s unfortunate erections, Waterloo, and Black Diamond VHS’s. Plus, if you are really good, you can review Toy Story 4, Childs Play, and Jessica Jones. We might even take a trip down to the dungeon since Z has some issues with Holey Moley. This week on OrkU, Z gets murderous, Scott has some dangerous toys, and Noob-Noob has chores to do.

Episode 91 - Wick Wick Wick


Some people think that why someone says “Call me Daddy”, it’s part of a fantasy. Not me. For me it is a nightmare, but fortunately for me, I haven’t had that nightmare since I abandoned those kids all those years ago! Don’t worry though, that’s not something the boys of OrkU would do. In fact there is so much love in the OrkU studios that Noob-Noob gets love songs sung to him on a regular basis. While the boys aren’t singing in this episode, they are reviewing John Wick, Brightburn, and Netflix’s BONDiNG, and to do that last review, the boys bring In a special guest from a neighboring podcast, Mr. NVT from the K101 podcast! This week on OrkU, Z burns bright, Scott breaks out some hardware, and Noob-Noob gets serenaded.