OrkU Movie Watchalong - Beastmaster

Have you ever wondered what it is like to watch a movie with the boys of Ork University? Ever wonder what goes through their minds before they make it to the podcast? Well, fear not. You can now sit down and watch a movie with Z, Scott, and Noob-Noob. Beastmaster is available now on Amazon Prime. So now it is super easy to open up your Amazon, bring up Beastmaster and be ready to click play when you are told. It will seem like the boys are right there in the room with you, even though you are watching the movie alone, just like you always do. So sad for you.

Episode 8 - Thor Unspoiled

On Our Reviews Will Kill You, we strike thunder with Thor: Ragnarok! We give our first impressions of the newest Thor movie, but don't worry, we aren't spoiling anything yet! This is our first safe for listen episode for those who have yet to see the movie! This week, Z gets serious, Scott gets happy, and Noob-Noob eats a banana