Episode 108 - Dating Between 2 Titans


Guess the boys of OrkU have caught the advertising bug. They start this one out with a commercial that will seduce and terrify you as it tempts a perspective sponsor. After this read filled with herbs and spices, they head into the news, which this week includes KFC, Vanta-black, Hustlers, and Downtown Abbey. Then the boys tempt you more with reviews of DC’s Titans, Gears of War 5, Red Dead Redemption add-ons, and Netflix’s Between Two Ferns movie. This week on OrkU, Z cooks the Colonel, Scott may have forgotten something important, and Noob-Noob gets hustled.

Episode 90 - Game of Throne Bones


Another saga ended. Game of Thrones has come to it’s inevitable conclusion, and it seems people are not happy about it, but for what reasons? The boys of OrkU compare the finale of GoT to other beloved series and see how it compares. Will this go down as one of the best or worse? The team also gets into some Terminators and Sonic (again). Reviews of Pikachu and some network shows are in this episode too, but they are just from Noob-Noob, so it’s not that big a deal. On week on OrkU, Z serenades, Scott sings backup, and Noob-Noob continues to be a back-up.

Episode 84 - Captain Shazam or Shazbot


DC has launched yet another superhero, and this time it’s SHAZAM! The boys of OrkU take flight with this hero and decide if it’s worth a watch. The boys also take another look and review the DC Streaming service as well as Game of Thrones as that series comes to an end. On this episode of OrkU, Z shows the wisdom of Solomon, Scott shows the strength of Hercules, and Noob-Noob shows the foolishness of Koalemos.