Episode 109 - Disenchanted with J-Lo


Before we begin, I need to clarify that no security guards were harmed in the making of this podcast. Although one may have had his feelings hurt. They boys were proactive this week and allowed a special tied-up guest star to join them on this episode. She may not have been as happy to be there. Don’t let that take away from the news. We have Russian Walruses, Tekashi 6is9ine (is that really how it is spelled?), Spiderman returns, Bella Thorne porn, and is it OK to be OK? After all that, the boys review Disenchantment, Suits, Knife or Death, Nikki Glaser’s Bangin, and more before talking to their reluctant guest. There is so much in this episode that words can’t even begin to describe how much is in this episode! This week on OrkU, Z rescues some dragons, Scott talks about banging, and Noob-Noob gets violated. Again. This is turning into a thing…..