Episode 10 - Justice League

In this heated episode of OrkU Reviews, we analyze Justice League. Things get testy when the guys realize that other people can have differing opinions. This week, Noob-Noob blows a gasket, Z checks for a hernia, and Scott eats a sheep.

Episode 8 - Thor Unspoiled

On Our Reviews Will Kill You, we strike thunder with Thor: Ragnarok! We give our first impressions of the newest Thor movie, but don't worry, we aren't spoiling anything yet! This is our first safe for listen episode for those who have yet to see the movie! This week, Z gets serious, Scott gets happy, and Noob-Noob eats a banana

Episode 5 - Ozark

This week on OrkU Reviews, we cover Ozark. Groundbreaking Netflix series, or will they just greenlight anything? Z explains second level, Scott sees birds, and Noob-Noob learns anatomy.