Episode 102 - Hangin with The Boys

ep 102.jpg

Another week, another content packed episode. Plenty of news this week as the boys talk about Miley Cyrus and her love life, Deadpool’s Build-a-Bear takeover, broken swimming pools and Brazilian jail breaks. Then the reviews are just as busy as the buys discuss Madden 20, The 100, iZombie, and Amazon’s, The Boys. There is also more reviews of I Love You Now Die, but is that about a show, or about one of they boys love life? Listen to find out! This week on OrkU, Z proves free therapy, Scott may have fiddled with the pool controls, and Noob-Noob may need to seek professional help.

Episode 98 - Taking a Bath at Comic-Con


A few days late with this episode, but worth the wait. The boys of OrkU jump right in to bathe first in the news. Endgame has officially broken records while Justice League is still a broken record. Chicago’s newest celebrity goes by Chance the Snapper, and would you get your hydration from an Instagram model? After all that news, the boys clean up with a look at the big news from San Diego’s Comic-Con, and surprise-surprise, there is a lot of Marvel to talk about. Again. This week on OrkU, Z lathers up, Scott rinses off, and Noob-Noob, when is the last time you took a bath?

Episode 96 - News for Kids


Why is it that every time a studio tries something new, the internet looses their minds? Lots of news this week for the boys to cover as they talk about, including Star Wars’ attempt to bring in more kids, Kim Kardashians attack on the nation of Japan, the ending of a great anime, and Disney deciding to change The Little Mermaids look. After that the boys go back to reviewing as they discuss Attack on Titan, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This week on OrkU, Z donates time to the sick, Scott donates money to the sick, and Noob-Noob is sick.

Episode 83 - Getting Dirty with the Noob


ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!?!? OrkU is ready to rock your socks off! And by rock, we mean bring you the greatest entertainment news and reviews that we can bring you about things like Umbrella Academy, and Mark Hamill, as well as cool news/review crossovers with the great rock hits, the DC Universe and Netflix’s “Love Death and Robots”. After that we move to a full review of another Netflix rockumentary, The Dirt. This week on OrkU, Z blows his vocal cords, Scott needs the guys to stay out of his business when it comes to sounders, and Noob-Noob learns about himself through what he watches.

Episode 81 - Lightsabering the Flat Earth


Time to get woke! Here at OrkU, we strive to shine a light on all the lies that the machine feeds to our listeners. This includes lies that you hear about Ariana Grande’s new Starbucks flavor, Jedi robes, and what Brie Larson does with lightsabers. After shining a light, the boys take time to review Alita: Battle Angel, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, as well as few movies without semi-colons, Triple Frontier and Behind the Curve, both on Netflix. On this episode of OrkU, Z stays strong in the lies of the overlords, Scott sheds light in hopes of opening your eyes, and Noob-Noob remains as useless as he usually is.