Episode 100 - One Hundred Strangers Below


When it comes to the milestones that have changed the course of history, this will be one talked about for ages. OrkU turns 100! That’s right! 100 episodes and going stronger than ever!

Alright. It’s not that big a deal. This just means we still haven’t gotten tired of each other and Noob-Noob is somehow still around. I guess Scott hasn’t been trying very hard to make him disappear. Anyways, this episode is a good one. News about One Punch Man, Dave Bautista. James Gunn, Tom Hanks, and GTA. Then because we love you, an in depth look at Netflix’s Stranger things, right after some quick reviews of God Eater, Frankenstein’s Monster Monster something, and 3 Below. This episode has it all! This week on OrkU, the boys serenade you with their Never-ending Song!

Episode 99 - An Alaskan Noob-Noob


I guess some of us are able to actually take vacations. I, obviously, don’t get such opportunities. Oh well, maybe I can vacation precariously through other people. Unfortunately, my only option right now is Noob-Noob. The boys of OrkU trip in some news first, The Rock’s movies in Japan, Justin Bieber being a Tool, Star Trek going R, and the invasion of Area 51. A Top Gun trailer just dropped, also a trailer about Cats. After that the boys get into reviews of Lion King. Finally, since we can review whatever we want, we decide to review a state! Welcome to our Alaska special! This week on OrkU, Z brings the bottle that Scott never asked for and Noob-Noob embraces his inner cub.

Episode 98 - Taking a Bath at Comic-Con


A few days late with this episode, but worth the wait. The boys of OrkU jump right in to bathe first in the news. Endgame has officially broken records while Justice League is still a broken record. Chicago’s newest celebrity goes by Chance the Snapper, and would you get your hydration from an Instagram model? After all that news, the boys clean up with a look at the big news from San Diego’s Comic-Con, and surprise-surprise, there is a lot of Marvel to talk about. Again. This week on OrkU, Z lathers up, Scott rinses off, and Noob-Noob, when is the last time you took a bath?

Episode 97 - Spiderman far from Noob-Noob


With the conclusion of phase 1 in the Marvel Universe, it seems that every hero is looking for their next gig. Hawkeye is working on his singing career, Spiderman has been seen working on majic, and Deadpool has some trouble with the bottle cap challenge. A few other hero’s steal some spotlight from the boys of OrkU, like Thor’s new persona and the Decider takes center stage to help settle a disagreement between Z and Noob-Noob. This week on OrkU, Z opens the show, Scott issues an apology, and Noob-Noob gets “web” all over his face.

Episode 96 - News for Kids


Why is it that every time a studio tries something new, the internet looses their minds? Lots of news this week for the boys to cover as they talk about, including Star Wars’ attempt to bring in more kids, Kim Kardashians attack on the nation of Japan, the ending of a great anime, and Disney deciding to change The Little Mermaids look. After that the boys go back to reviewing as they discuss Attack on Titan, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This week on OrkU, Z donates time to the sick, Scott donates money to the sick, and Noob-Noob is sick.

Episode 95 - Accidental Toy Boners


For the last time Noob-Noob! Pick up your toys! You will not be allowed to play until then! But once you do, you can play with the other boys of OrkU and talk about John Cena’s unfortunate erections, Waterloo, and Black Diamond VHS’s. Plus, if you are really good, you can review Toy Story 4, Childs Play, and Jessica Jones. We might even take a trip down to the dungeon since Z has some issues with Holey Moley. This week on OrkU, Z gets murderous, Scott has some dangerous toys, and Noob-Noob has chores to do.

Episode 94 - Sausage and Sidecars


How great is Keanu Reeves? I mean, really? How cool is that guy? Also, how much money is Marvel going to make? I mean, I know Avatar holds the record, but Avengers is quickly making a play for the top spot. The boys of OrkU discuss these topics and then dive into some reviews of Men In Black: International, Black Mirror, Murder Mystery and Always Be My Maybe. This week on OrkU, Z gets fancy, Scott brings back some old friends, and Noob-Noob steps a little further out of that closet door.

Episode 93 - Swampy Phoenix


It’s finally over. This X-Men run has finally come to an end and the fiery conclusion to the story is Dark Phoenix. The boys of OrkU fly headfirst into this one snd decide if it was actually on fire, or just another series fizzling out. The boys stay in the DC Universe on this episode and talk about the new seires Swamp Thing from the streaming service and get into why Scott’s sweaty underwear might have a longer lifespan. This week on OrkU, Z feels the fire, Scott needs a shower, and Noob-Noob gets swampy.

Episode 92 - King of the Munsters


Who is the biggest and baddest out there? Well, it’s OrkU! Did you really have any question? The boys of OrkU talk Doom, Perfection, and of course, Godzilla. There is a whole bunch of other stuff in this episode too, but I forget what they talked about. This week on OrkU, Z is perfect. Scott was never normal, and Noob-Noob is something else.

Episode 91 - Wick Wick Wick


Some people think that why someone says “Call me Daddy”, it’s part of a fantasy. Not me. For me it is a nightmare, but fortunately for me, I haven’t had that nightmare since I abandoned those kids all those years ago! Don’t worry though, that’s not something the boys of OrkU would do. In fact there is so much love in the OrkU studios that Noob-Noob gets love songs sung to him on a regular basis. While the boys aren’t singing in this episode, they are reviewing John Wick, Brightburn, and Netflix’s BONDiNG, and to do that last review, the boys bring In a special guest from a neighboring podcast, Mr. NVT from the K101 podcast! This week on OrkU, Z burns bright, Scott breaks out some hardware, and Noob-Noob gets serenaded.