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Our friends over at Scott Will Kill You Productions specialize in the weird and wild when it comes to film. If you think your idea doesn’t fit into the “norm” then head on over to the SWKY Family and see what insanity dwells within.

Keebler Media, LLC. provides video services for filming, production and editing with various events and projects. From commercials to comedy sketches and music videos to dance recitals, Keebler Media is able to provide media services that are custom made just for you! 

"Highway Soul", a music video done by Keebler Media, in conjunction with Our Reviews Will Kill You!

During the production of this video, Scott was heard to say, “This may be the only time I have had to direct a project while LITERALLY being chained to a chair!

An award winning film idiot, NY Times best selling idiot, and a basic Noob-Noob idiot review films, TV and life!

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Keebler Media’s affiliate SWKY Productions teamed up with Blue Iron Productions to create the Amazon Prime available series, BLUE IRON! 4 Episodes available for streaming with your Amazon Prime subscription. Check it out!

Blue Iron
Starring James Smith, Frank Mancuso, Chris Bear Adams, Hank Meleski Jr., Hunter Emery